Life of a Bookworm: October Picks

“our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry” – Rupi Kaur

October’s book picks are two complete opposites; one is a collection of poems, the other an autobiography. Both are great reads! Enjoy!

Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur – Say what you will about social media, it’s amazing how it connects people from all over the world! I discovered Rupi Kaur’s beautiful poems on Instagram and when I found out she had published a book of her poems I immediately knew I had to get my hands on a copy. Her words are simple at times yet immensely powerful. I read the whole thing in one go and then went back to reread and savor the ones that spoke to me the most. My only complaint is the material the paperback cover is made out of – your fingers leave weird marks on it that have to be rubbed off. Wish I had got the hardcover but oh well! A lovely bookshelf addition nonetheless.

Shoe Dog, Phil Knight – This was last month’s book club choice and it ended up being a thoroughly enjoyable read! Phil Knight is the co-founder of Nike and Shoe Dog is his autobiography. It’s not normally a novel I would pick for myself but I suppose that is the whole point of being in a book club! I had no previous knowledge about Nike, other than the fact that everyone I know owns a pair, and I had no idea how it was started or who created it. Therefore, I thought it was really interesting to read all about the company’s struggles and the people who persevered to make Nike into what it is today. It definitely was not an easy road for Knight, who started by selling Japanese footwear out of his parent’s living room, but he managed to make Nike into one of the biggest sports companies in the world. Shoe Dog gives you a fascinating inside look into a company whose logo is recognized no matter which country you are in. Knight’s success story will inspire you to work hard and follow your own dreams, no matter the cost.


Happy reading!! 🙂


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